June 23, 2024

Lamar Morgan, the defensive coordinator for Louisiana, is one name that has drawn my attention among the prospects Sam Webb of The Michigan Insider revealed. That’s why the remaining hires must be absolute steals
Sherrone Moore, the head coach of the Michigan football team, has been working hard to find a new defensive line coach in addition to trying to find a backup in Steve Clinkscale.

Reports: Steve Clinkscale leaving Michigan to join Los Angeles Chargers -  Maize n Brew
It appears that Wisconsin’s Greg Scruggs would be a great choice to succeed Mike Elston. Before taking over as the D-line coach, he was Cincinnati’s director of player development. Before joining Luke Fickell with the Badgers, he also spent a season as an employee of the Jets.
I think Scruggs will be an excellent recruiter. Elston is a top recruiter, so that was crucial. Wink Martindale should be a good defensive coordinator, but aside from playing for teams, I don’t think he will contribute much while recruiting.

Why Morgan would be perfect to replace Steve Clinkscale

Morgan has been Louisiana’s defensive coordinator for the last two seasons. In addition, he coached cornerbacks for three seasons before that, including one season at Vanderbilt under Jesse Minter.

Webb claims that Morgan was considered for the position of Minter should an opening arise, and Morgan is a very sensible choice. In addition to his familiarity with Michigan football and the Minter-led Ravens defensive scheme, he also possesses play-calling experience, which would provide Michigan with an additional recruiting link to the South.

Morgan has been a defensive coordinator and coach of cornerbacks, as well as a safeties coach at Louisiana-Monroe and Houston. He worked for a while at Western Carolina as well. He is therefore knowledgeable about recruiting and has experience in the college game.

Although there are some other excellent prospects on the list, I really like that he has managed his own defense for the previous two seasons. That would make him an ideal choice to serve as secondary coach and co-defensive coordinator for Michigan football.

The Wolverines also require a linebackers coach, but they have been in need of one since Chris Partridge’s firing in November. Though it’s unclear how this will affect player retention, Moore is doing a good job developing the staff, and Michigan football hasn’t lost any significant players yet.

Michigan football suffers another blow as Steve Clinkscale leaves for NFL

According to Sam Webb of The Michigan Insider, Steve Clinkscale is departing the Wolverines for the Chargers, dealing another damage to the coaching staff just when you thought Michigan football was finally starting to stabilize this offseason.

This is a change from earlier this week when Clink informed the coaches and players that he would be staying. Jim Harbaugh was interested in Clink, but it seemed that money was a barrier. But it appears that obstacle has been overcome, and Clink is departing, Ben Herbert included, along with Mike Elston, Jay Harbaugh, and Jesse Minter.

Mike Hart is still unidentified, and the defensive coaching staff as a whole will now be replaced. Hiring Wink Martindale was a wise move. However, he won’t

Sherrone Moore has his work cut out for him

In addition, position coaches were fired from crucial defensive line and secondary players. Under Clink, Michigan football produced three consecutive top-20 pass defenses, and to be honest, when he was passed over for the defensive coordinator position, it was definitely time to call it quits.

I hope that was the right decision. There would still be continuity if Clink was promoted to DC, but now there won’t be any on defense outside of the plan. Sherrone Moore has my trust and I think he was the best candidate for the post.

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