June 13, 2024

Mike Zimmer is expected to be the Cowboys' newest defensive coordinator - lonestarlive.comDallas – After much conjecture, the Dallas Cowboys have officially announced that Mike Zimmer will take over as defensive coordinator.

Although Zimmer and the Cowboys have been connected for some time, the agreement’s details were made official on Monday, After serving as the team’s defensive coach since the mid-1990s, Zimmer, now 67, was the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator from 2000 to 2006.

Dan Quinn, who departed the Cowboys to pursue a head coaching position with the Washington Commanders, is replaced by the former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

Rex Ryan, an ESPN commentator and former head coach of the New York Jets, had prompted rumors that Zimmer and the Cowboys were not as close to a contract as first reported.

Ryan, who had conducted an interview for the position of defensive coordinator, stated on Super Bowl Sunday that Zimmer had not signed a contract.

On Monday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Ryan was contacted again by the Cowboys regarding the position.

Following their return from the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ executives inked the contract with Zimmer.

Later this week, Zimmer is anticipated to begin his official employment in Dallas.

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