June 13, 2024

This is from Daily Faceoff NHL expert Frank Seravalli discussing the Oilers with Bob Stauffer. At the trade deadline, Seravalli’s assessment of Edmonton’s top prospect, d-man Philip Broberg, may prove crucial to the team’s future.

Servalli remarked, “I feel like he could play a big part in the Oilers deadline and them going forward.”
Initially, I interpreted this to suggest that the Oilers might trade Broberg, but Seravalli later clarified his exact point on social media: For the record, I mentioned that he was a major part of the Oilers’ deadline plans, and that should be taken because he is now ready to play in the NHL, giving them the freedom to cut other players. He has excelled in AHL.

Broberg’s health was updated by Bakersfield coach Colin Chaulk later in the program. The rookie defenseman departed Saturday night’s AHL game after absorbing a few hard blows, according to Chaulk; however, there is only significant swelling and bruises rather than a fracture in his lower body. In seven to ten days, the organization hopes he will return to the Bake lineup.

“He’s performed admirably. About thirty minutes a night, that is,” Chaulk remarked of Broberg.

Finding a guy who can have an impact is more important than just finding a cutesy name, as Seravalli said in a trade; Vegas discovered this with winger Ivan Barbashev at the most recent trade deadline. “I believe that the Oilers will start to receive some of it with

Seravalli mentioned that one well-known player from Pittsburgh, Jake Guentzel, might become available. “I don’t see a scenario where they are keeping him to roll the dice, if we are looking in from the outside. I believe they need to relocate him.

Guentzel will fetch Pittsburgh a first-round pick-plus-plus.

Both Stauffer and Seravalli brought up other players, with Stauffer mentioning Anaheim Ducks bottom line center Sam Carrick, who is also a penalty killer, and Seravalli concentrating on Minnesota winger Brandon Duhaime, who is a quick-skating and combative player. Nic Dowd, a fourth line center from Washington who may require a first-round selection, was well-liked by both analysts.

According to Seravalli, Duhaime is available and fits in with the Oilers’ cap. “I believe you begin to enter this area where you curate a few choices rather than attempting to bring the largest fish to the boat.”

Former coach and general manager Craig MacTavish informed Stauffer that Edmonton is still only one of the top four teams in the Western Conference, not the front-runner. This suggests that the Oilers may need to acquire another player.

The Oilers’ depth is not their strongest suit. “With our current team composition and structure, it is improbable that we will prevail. Perhaps, but not likely. We could be tied for the fourth-best team in the conference, in my opinion.

According to MacTavish, Vancouver is the top team in the league thus far, with Vegas and Colorado ahead of Edmonton. “In order to increase our chances of winning the Cup, we need to improve.

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