June 23, 2024

Giants release incredibly sad Daniel Jones hype videoThis offseason, the New York Giants need to make a move at quarterback. GM Joe Schoen has acknowledged this. They most likely have a lot of tasks to complete.

But what exactly are those things?

As we outline the Big Blue View template from the significant choices Schoen and the Giants must make prior to the 2024 NFL season, let’s explore the options.

As we get started, let’s admit something else. With doubts about their quarterback situation in the present and the future, the Giants are in quarterback purgatory at the very least. They might not be in quarterback hell.
Despite the reactions on Kayvon Thibodeaux’s face, the Giants want us to think that Jones is doing fine.
It is their hope that Jones’s surgically repaired knee will heal well and he will be prepared for training camp, which starts at the end of July.

However, we are aware that nothing is certain. He is sprinting in a pool, yes. Yes, he puts in a lot of labor. Yes, we did catch him on the ‘Up & Adams Show’ with Kay Adams during Super Bowl week, where he was seen curled up on a couch with Sean Payton and Eli Manning.
All of it does not ensure that he will be prepared. We know from history that players are rarely the same in the first year following ACL surgery, even if he is ready. For a quarterback like Jones, whose legs have been so crucial to his game, it can be significant.

They want us to think they still think highly of Jones. that despite a difficult 2023 campaign, a second neck injury, and a knee ailment, they still think he can be the same quarterback they saw in 2022—if not better. They want us to think that they still value the $160 million, four-year contract they offered him ($82 million guaranteed).

In response to the question of whether he thought he could still construct a squad around Jones, Schoen responded simply, “yes,” at his season-ending press conference.

But can they really?
In the near term, should Jones become ill, and in the long run, should it become evident that he is not their player, the Giants must be ready.

Even though Schoen has expressed optimism on Jones, he has acknowledged that if Jones isn’t ready, the Giants will “need somebody that can hopefully win you some games early on.”

It doesn’t seem like Tommy DeVito to the Giants. Undoubtedly, it’s not camp arm Jacob Eason, who is presently listed on the 90-man roster.

In a perfect world, it’s probably not a rookie quarterback. even a draft from the first round.

That leaves us with free agency. These are a few of the realistic choices that have some first experience.

Tyrod Taylor: It’s not out of the question that the 34-year-old, 13-year veteran will rejoin the Giants.

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