June 23, 2024

Antonio Brown, a former wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, talked about how Mike Tomlin treated him like a father throughout his nine years on the team in an interview with Jason Whitlock. Though Brown left the Steelers several years ago, he still has positive feelings for Coach Tomlin.

Even though Brown’s exit from Pittsburgh was turbulent and damaged his rapport with the team, he still has a lot of respect for Tomlin and values the things that he did for him.

“Mike Tomlin, that dude was like my pops, to be honest,” Brown said emotionally to Whitlock. “Ever since I met Mike Tomlin I always knew, I’ll have success. I feel like when I went to the Steelers, Mike Tomlin, once I saw him and talked with him, I knew I was going to the Steelers. Mike Tomlin was that father figure for me. Outside of coach. Obviously as a coach and the minutia as a coach, he was always challenging me at the utmost to make sure I was better.”

An emotional Brown shared that during moments of vulnerability, Tomlin has always been a pillar of support for him, moulding him into being a better, humbler, and more mature person in general.

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