June 13, 2024

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers had to modify his style of play as he grew older. James made it apparent that he needed to work on his jump shot before starting his twenty-first season in the league.

The four-time champion can still go downward, but if he wants to maintain his health, he shouldn’t make it the focal point of his performance. After the 2023–24 season concluded, James demonstrated his effectiveness with a career-high 41% 3-point shooting on 5.1 attempts, giving Los Angeles some much-needed spacing.

Since almost every player must be able to shoot the 3-point field with a reasonable percentage, the 3-point shot has become a crucial component of the game in recent years. However, James gave an explanation for why he does not want to shoot more triples despite his coaches’ persistent advice to do so when talking about the subject of increasing 3-point output on his podcast Mind the Game with JJ Redick.

“I can tell you from here that some of our coaches are on our coaching staff and they want me to make more three-pointers. They’re supporting me and pushing me to make more threes. I’m not capable of doing it. I am unable to reach that stage. No, this isn’t an issue of ego at all.

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