June 19, 2024

A week has passed, and everything still makes sense. On Kirby Smart’s back, University of Georgia administrators placed a bullseye—that is, a bull$eye—the size of Stone Mountain. They paid their college football coach $13 million a year, the largest wage ever for his profession.

For the Bulldogs, Kirby has won two national titles in the last three years; he just needs to win two, three, or four more.

In any case.

This is the reason why: The first Nick Saban was unmatched, winning six of his seven national championship rings at Alabama before stepping down following the previous campaign. Kirby is The New Nick Saban. At $11.4 million annually, he was the highest-paid college football coach prior to Smart.I’ll save you the math. Kirby surpasses Saban’s old annual mark by nearly $2 million, which means the Georgia skipper has those arrows aimed his way courtesy of his new payday and his need to do the impossible: At Georgia, he must spend the next decade or so becoming Saban-Alabama dominant in a college football climate that won’t allow for such things.

The transfer gateway is available to you. It has been simpler for players in collegiate athletics to transfer after a season from one university to another since its launch in the autumn of 2018. It’s free agency without the salary cap, and over time, it has led to a lack of consistency on rosters, which makes it difficult to establish a true dynasty, let alone a quasi-one.

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