June 23, 2024

The New York Yankees’ 2024 bat lineup has generated a lot of excitement; in particular, the arrival of Juan Soto has performed even better than the Yankees had hoped. If only the Yankees’ bats were delivering, though, they would not have had such a stellar start to the 2024 season. Aaron Judge noted that the Yankees’ pitching staff is still impressive despite their 5-4 loss to the Seattle Mariners on Monday.

Before losing to the Mariners, the Yankees had won seven straight games, and Judge said he was impressed with the team’s recent pitching efforts. It was Marcus Stroman’s chance to make a spectacular pitch on Monday. With six strikeouts and just one walk in 7.1 innings of work, Stroman was a worker. He gave up just one earned run on three hits. The fact that they still lost is regrettable, but it shouldn’t take away from how fantastic the Yankees’ starting rotation has been playing lately.


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