June 24, 2024

Mike Budenholzer, the recently recruited head coach of the Phoenix Suns, conducted an interview with the team’s media and production staff, which was published on Monday. He covered a wide range of subjects during this sit-down, such as the hiring process, the influence of his father’s coaching, and the impact of Al McCoy.

But the statement he made towards the conclusion of the conversation about what fans might anticipate from his preferred style of play really caught my attention.

“I believe in playing fast, playing randomly, and getting the ball moving.”

This quote alone jumps off the screen. I’ve written and done film sessions and recorded podcasts ad nauseam on this team that needed to get their blender blending offensively. Whenever they’ve been at their best, it’s been the movement of the ball and players in tandem with their pick-and-roll attack, as well as isolation touches.They have the capacity to generate advantages; yet, their method of doing so and the habits they have developed along the way have been lacking, particularly during periods of decline. It should be stressed that having organisation in general and, more importantly, a set of routines to fall back on when things go tough and the stakes get high, especially in the clutch, are important.

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