June 15, 2024

The recent modifications to college football—most notably NIL and the creation of the transfer portal—have had a profound impact on the sport.

However, not everyone, including Georgia head coach Kirby Smart, is a fan of the new direction the game is taking.

Smart talked about his problems with the site and how he believes it was a mistake during an interview on the Paul Finebaum show on Monday.

An opportunity to leave twice within a year [is an issue]. I think we’re going to look back on that 10 years from now and say the people that had multiple transfers are probably not going to be successful academically.”

“I think that’s going to be looked back on, and people are going to say, ‘Was it a good thing I left twice?’ Most of the kids we check in with that leave our place, they say they regretted it. Well, if you leave a place twice, what did you actually accomplish? That’s probably the toughest thing for me.” READ MORE>>>

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