June 19, 2024

Our most recent Reacts poll examined the Bucks’ approach earlier this week in anticipation of the 2024 NBA Draft, which takes place on June 26 in just over a month. The Bucks own the 23rd and 33rd picks in the draft, which is their first authority over two picks in a while. We’ll analyze prospects in great detail in the future, but for now, let’s discuss what you believe Milwaukee should and shouldn’t do with their picks.

Let’s begin with their 2024 first-round pick. Since the Bucks finished tied in the standings with the Suns and Pelicans, there was a tiebreaker to determine the order from picks 21–23. Milwaukee actually won that tiebreaker, but since traded a pick swap with New Orleans way back in 2020 for Jrue Holiday, the latter will move up to 21 and the former down to 23. I talked about this in the article linked above from back in April, when the tiebreaker took place.It’s crucial to remember that the Bucks are unable to formally trade this selection before to the draft due to the Stepien rule. The Bucks are unable to trade their first-round pick because they will not have one for the upcoming draft due to the aforementioned regulation. Nevertheless, the Bucks have the option to work out a deal with another team or trade the player of their choice with it. That’s kind of what happened with the Holiday trade: roughly a week before the 2020 draft, they reached an agreement with the Pelicans on the trade that sent the Pacers, who the Bucks owned, to them. Although he anticipated he would be selected by Milwaukee, R.J. Hampton chose to wear a Bucks cap (a very foolish move). READ MORE


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