June 19, 2024

Eleven young youngsters from Newcastle United have signed their first professional contracts with the NUFC.

The information was made public on Thursday afternoon in a formal club release.

Fans are also informed by this statement that thirteen young NUFC players have been released.

I wish them luck in their search for new clubs.

New contracts have been agreed to by Ellis Stanton, Jamie Miley, and James Huntley of the Under-21 team, and Nathan Carlyon will get club support during his recovery from a long-term injury.

Thirteen young players are scheduled for release this summer, including Amadou Diallo and Michael Ndiweni, who made their first-team debuts last season.

Will Brown, Jude Smith, Jordan Hackett, Matthew Bondswell, Lucas De Bolle, Kyle Crossley, Dylan Stephenson, Shaun Mavididi, and Rodrigo Vilca are also leaving the Under-21 team. The final two players to leave the Academy are Taylor Ross and Carter Milmore, both of the Under-18 team.

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