June 23, 2024

As of Tuesday, there is no longer a search for the alligator that was reported missing from a middle school in Kansas City’s Northland. “We haven’t really gotten a lot of information about this case,” KC Pet Project chief communications officer Tori Fugate stated. “We made the decision to stop the wide efforts in the best interests of everyone, everyone’s time, and the other cases we are currently working on. We’ll keep keeping an eye on the area.

A mobile petting zoo brought the 14-inch gator to the Northland on May 23 as part of Lakeview Middle School’s end-of-year celebration. Employees of KC Pet Project and fire personnel, assisted by a drone from the Kansas City Fire Department, combed the premises for days following the small reptile’s major jailbreak. “A large number of people were searching,” Fugate remarked. “The next day, our officers conducted hours of searching. As they searched every creek bed in the vicinity, they were practically covered in ticks. Despite repeated requests, community members did not record any sightings of alligators, according to Fugate. Over the weekend, one Northland resident did report seeing a dead animal on the side of the road; it turned out to be a turtle.

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