June 19, 2024

The 2023–24 NBA season for the Milwaukee Bucks ended abruptly early. They were eliminated in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, this time by the Indiana Pacers, just like the previous season’s setback. Mike Budenholzer, the head coach of the Phoenix Suns, was fired as a result of the team’s disappointing season.

Unfortunately, during their series against the Pacers, the Bucks were far from at full strength. Despite dealing with many leg ailments, Khris Middleton was able to participate in the entire series. The Achilles ailment that kept Damian Lillard out of a game over the majority of the series also kept him very limited in the later games.

Obviously, Milwaukee faced an uphill struggle throughout the series due to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s soleus injury sustained near the end of the regular season. The two-time MVP was sidelined for the first round of the playoffs and the last four games of the regular season.

It became apparent that he was far from ready to play after the Bucks were eliminated.

It has also been disclosed that Giannis is healthy and prepared to play again in the NBA Finals, which begin this month.

Giannis gained notoriety last week when he was spotted supporting his brother Kostas Antetokounmpo, whose Panathinaikos side emerged victorious in the Euro League final. He also mentioned that he would like to purchase a Greek Basketball League franchise in the future.

It turns out that Giannis isn’t only observing his brother and plotting his post-retirement strategy during his basketball vacation in Greece this summer. Giannis, the best basketball player in the nation, will represent the team in the Pre-Olympic Tournament, head coach Vassilis Spanoulis announced to the media on Saturday during a press conference.

Giannis will play for the national team, he confirmed.

It is unclear if Giannis will compete in the actual Olympic Games. He is participating in a tournament that runs from July 2–7. July 26 marks the start of the actual Olympics.

Regardless, it’s wonderful to see Giannis recovered and prepared to play hoops once more. I hope he stays healthy for the upcoming competition.

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