June 13, 2024

New uniform rumors are in full swing. The NBA Finals have begun, signaling the end of the 2023–24 season. This means we will soon be discussing roster building, free agency, and drafting. Soon? Alright. Yes, I am aware. Since the Phoenix Suns season concluded in late April, we have been discussing it.

We haven’t discussed uniform designs, for example. Do you recall how we speculated about Phoenix’s rebranding throughout the previous season? Concepts abound, teases during the Summer League. I wish the Suns had responded to it the way the Utah Jazz did just now. Utah, which spent a few seasons dressing like highlighter yellow, entirely changed the design of their uniform sets. This past week, they updated their fan base on their activities while sporting an extremely 90s aesthetic.

No summer-long wonderment for the Jazz fans. Right to the point. Well done, Utah. Again, I wish the Suns would have been more direct last season.

Aside from personnel changes, one mystery remains: what will the City Edition jerseys look like? Every season the Suns get a new look, and outside of The Valley look that the team had from 2020 to 2022, we should see a new look next year.

The rumors are already beginning that The Valley could make its return to the Suns’ uniform rotation.

This past season the Suns sported the ‘El Valle’ look, paying homage to both the Greater Phoenix Area moniker as well as the Latino culture within. The previous season the Suns wore a turquoise blue jersey that celebrated the Native American culture that exists in State 48.

2023-24 could see a reenvisioning of the black jerseys with the pixelated sunset and ‘The Valley’ wordmark across the chest. Rumored to be in purple this season, @SunsUniTracker on Twitter gave his vision of what the new uniform could look like.


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