June 13, 2024

Maxx Crosby is the real heart and soul of the Las Vegas Raiders, personifying everything it means to be a fan of this organization. In addition, Crosby has developed into the Raiders’ outspoken leader and has stated his desire to remain in one place.

This is a major factor in why both Raiders supporters and Crosby’s teammates hold him in such high regard. Even though he is among the NFL’s top defensive players right now, he is considerably more concerned with the success of the team than with his own personal achievements.

According to Christian Gonzales of NFL.com, Crosby recently appeared on The Jim Rome Show and stated that he is motivated by players who have stuck with one organization, such as the legendary Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. Crosby intends to do the same with the Raiders and win a Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

“The players that stay in one place and win there are the players that inspire me,” said Crosby, referring to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. “They picked the easier route, and that’s not how I see it, no offense to guys like LeBron and those guys—I won’t hold it against them.

“Experiencing the highs and lows and adversity will add to the joy when I do win a Super Bowl.” I therefore intend to stay here for a very long time and to succeed here. I didn’t have any sort of intention or thinking of leaving when I signed that contract. I have the impression that I will always be a Raider.

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