July 12, 2024

Texas Tech said on Wednesday that it has awarded head coach eJoey McGuir a new six-year, $26.6 million deal in recognition of his outstanding rookie campaign.

Prior to their encounter with Ole Miss on Wednesday in the TaxAct Texas Bowl, McGuire has guided the Red Raiders to a 7-5 record. This includes victories against Texas and Oklahoma, marking the program’s first-ever victories over both schools in the same season, as well as Texas Tech’s first winning Big 12 record since 2009.

“I firmly believe our best days are still ahead with Coach McGuire at the helm of our football program,” athletic director Kirby Hocutt said in a statement. “It was evident throughout this football season that he and his staff are building a culture that will benefit this program for years to come. Coach McGuire will be the first to tell you that his goal is not to just play in a bowl game but to win championships, and I believe we are on that path under his direction.”

McGuire will receive a wage boost of almost $1 million every season under the new agreement. Through the 2028 season, the agreement binds the coach to Texas Tech and provides performance bonuses in addition to $100,000 yearly increments, with the last season’s raise reaching $4.6 million.

For the first time since 1995, Texas Tech finished the regular season with a three-game victory streak.

We all have our own opinions regarding the best college football teams of all time. Maybe you’re a 2001 Miami person. Maybe you prefer 2005 Texas or 1995 Nebraska, or maybe you’d rather go with another Nebraska vintage, the 1971 version. Maybe you’re like Beano Cook, forever spreading the gospel of 1947 Notre Dame. Maybe you were hypnotized by the coolness of Joe Burreaux and 2019 LSU. Maybe you think the best of the Nick Saban Alabama teams — 2011? 2012? 2020? — deserves the honors. Maybe you’re like me, a 1945 Army hipster.

The greatest teams don’t always make the greatest impact on the sport, however. For more than a century, college football’s evolution has been driven by teams both big and small and by coaches both massively and only moderately successful.

This list is an attempt to celebrate the influencers — both the Nick Sabans and the Mouse Davises, both the LSUs and the Gramblings. It is a list of the 30 most influential teams in college football history. You can make this list in a lot of different ways. Maybe you spurred major innovation. Maybe your team came to define the peak of a certain era. Maybe you made an impact both through greatness and cultural or social impact. Maybe you were just cool as hell. Regardless, here are 30 teams that made a particularly indelible

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