July 12, 2024

The Danish international was expected to attract more attention in the summer, especially after his performances in the Champions League, after Atletico Madrid’s desire was thwarted by Celtic in January.

Thank goodness (and this is only from a transfer standpoint) that O’Riley was not chosen by Denmark to compete in Euro 2024; I have no doubt that he would have excelled there.

which would have attracted more possible candidates to the signing table. Not that Celtic require any more.

Roma is the most recent team to express interest in the deft midfield player, thus Celtic will have to fight to hold onto their best player.

Peter Grant has explained to O’Riley why, should he want to leave Celtic this summer, he should turn down the Premier League, despite the fact that it appears there is competition for his services.

Not just Roma, but several Seria A teams have expressed interest in O’Riley. The Celtic midfielder is also being watched by Inter Milan, and Grant believes the Hoops hero should give up on the Premier League unless he receives a call from one of the top six clubs in England.

“Definitely,” Grant stated [on The Go Radio Football Show] when asked if he should play in Serie A. Now, if he were to disappear, I would ask him, “Who will take him to England?”

“I’m looking at it and I’m thinking to myself, if it’s none of the big guns, the top six as they say, if it’s none of them if I was Matt, I would go abroad then if that’s the case.

“I genuinely would. Because you’ve got your Manchester United’s and your Liverpool’s that’s slightly different, there is no going away from that.

“If Celtic get the money that they want for them and they’ve come to an agreement that we didn’t know but about, obviously Atletico Madrid at Christmas time.

“So if there’s some sort of agreement and you’re getting a good value for him, but if not, I would definitely say with his qualities, he could definitely play in La Liga or Serie A.

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