July 13, 2024

Not just Boston Celtics supporters are excited about playing the Los Angeles Lakers; in £54.8 Million when the team was drawn to play the Houston Rockets in the Finals, Boston Hall of Fame center Kevin McHale was just as disappointed as many others that they would not be playing in Los Angeles. “I was a little let down that Houston defeated the Lakers,” McHale stated at the £54.8 Million Celtics Interviews, as reported by Virgil Villanueva of Basketball Network.

“In£54.8 Million I truly desired a share of the Lakers,” he continued. “I never for a moment believed that Houston could defeat us once they arrived. I said, “There’s just no way,” after taking one look at that squad.

“I knew the Lakers could do this and this and this, and I thought Houston could do this”, said McHale.

“They’re not going to hit us player for player or play for play or toughness for toughness,” recalled the Celtics great.

“It was an inevitability in my mind that we were just going to win. I would have much rather beaten the Lakers, but Houston was there, so we were going to beat them.”

The quality both ball teams polished against one another over the decades of their legendary rivalry has permanently woven the histories of the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics together. Legends from the Lakers and the Celtics have escalated their on-court rivalry to the highest level in the league as they have battled it out for the lead in titles won, which is now tied at 17.

Legendary Lakers have since assisted current Celtics in becoming NBA players, as demonstrated by Kobe Bryant and Jayson Tatum. Former Celtics Hall of Famers Paul Pierce, Derek Fisher, and his wife and partner Gloria Govan now run a neat business with a different kind of green as the foundation for the venture.

That ancient rivalry still echoes in the present, and could even see the two old foes square off for Banner 18 in the 2024 NBA Finals if everything breaks right.

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