July 13, 2024

With construction well started to create two new pétanque terrains, the sound of a gently clinking metal ball will soon be heard as part of the sights and sounds of Stonehouse Creek playing fields.

On the area next to the new Shekinah building, ten pistes will be constructed as a new meeting place for players to get together, socialize, and hurl metal boules around the playing field.

Pétanque. Philippe Quintais, 17 fois champion du Monde, lance un appel à la  jeunesse

Contractors Ryearch Ltd. are doing the work, and it is anticipated to take 14 weeks.

Although it originated in France, bowling is today played all over the world. Robert Preston, a spokesman for Plymouth Pétanque, stated: “It’s a great game because it can be played outside in the fresh air, by people of all abilities, and at any age with minimal equipment.”

It’s a social game because we’re a talkative group, so I’m hoping that being in a more public place will inspire more people to participate.

After everything is finished, the space will be walled off, a storage container will be placed, and nearby player parking will be made available. The club accepts people of all ages, and as two of its most frequent players are in their 90s, you are never too old to participate.

The new terrain will take the place of the one at Brickfields, which is presently receiving a major renovation that will include new Argyle youth academy facilities.

In addition, three grass football fields, a new 3G football pitch in place of an existing grass rugby training field, a new 3G football pitch that is floodlit, a new 3G football pitch that is covered, PlayZone that is only available to the public, and a new community hub that will be operated will all be improvements to the playing fields.

The Council and its partners collaborated with members of the pétanque group to find a new location for the sport to the west of the city as part of the extensive project.

Avec Philippe Quintais, la pétanque à très bonne école à Béziers -  midilibre.fr

In order to ensure that this group can continue to enjoy pétanque, we have worked hard to find a replacement location, according to Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet Member for Customer Services, Sport, and Leisure. We were eager to locate them a new home so they could keep playing the sport and spending time with each other because they had more than 80 players. That held great significance for us. We intended to ensure that sport remained accessible to everyone at Brickfields, regardless of age, skill level, or sport.


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