July 13, 2024

Tampa Bay Rays players watch play in ninth inning agains the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 6 Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020 in Arlington. The Dodgers won the World Series with a 3-1 win in Game 6.

Athletes sometimes find it difficult to maintain their cool during competitive pressure. Gamers occasionally vent their anger by hurting themselves and damaging other objects. During Tampa Bay’s victory over the Minnesota Twins on Thursday, bullpen pitcher Pete Fairbanks of the Tampa Bay Rays experienced a range of emotions.

With two runners on and the Rays up three runs, Fairbanks joined the game in the ninth inning. Shortly after, Fairbanks blew his second save of the season, tying the score with a single swing.

Fairbanks took to a stool in the visitor’s clubhouse to vent his frustrations before the game ended. The 30-year-old didn’t realize he would have to pitch the 10th inning until he was told that

The Rays seized the lead again in the top of the tenth inning, but Fairbanks threw a perfect bottom half of the inning. In addition to earning his second victory of the season, he assisted the Rays in winning the series.

Fairbanks experienced it throughout the show. His right throwing hand had a thumb injury as he departed the game on Tuesday. Next was the missed save and the incident with the stool.

Fairbanks stated, “It’s not existent anymore,” according to ESPN. “But sometimes, in order to step outside and post another zero, you have to let everything out.”

Fairbanks has been putting up zeros a lot these days. Fairbanks returned to the field on May 11 and has since posted a 1.45 ERA after spending almost a month on the injured list. He didn’t

In the MLB these days, it comes down to needing good pitching to survive. The Rays boasted one of the league’s most reliable pitching staffs for a very long period. In 2024, that will not be the case at all.


This season, the Rays adopted a traditional rotation instead of their opener strategy. As of June 21, Zach Eflin has the lowest ERA (4.12) out of the four pitchers with 12 starts. With 14, Tampa Bay is the only team with fewer victories from starters than the Colorado Rockies and Miami Marlins. No pitcher for the Rays has won more than four games.

In terms of team ERA, Tampa has placed in the top five in the previous five seasons and in the top 10 since 2017.

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