July 12, 2024

The United States Women’s National Team is returning in pursuit of yet another medal when the 2024 Olympics get underway at the end of the month. Women’s football has been a major sport in seven Olympics, and the squad has medaled in six of them. In 2024, they will travel to France, home of the 2019 Women’s World Cup, with the goal of winning their fifth gold medal.

We are starting a series of profiles, focusing on each position separately as well as the coaching staff, in light of the Olympic roster’s release last week. We’ll go into detail on how they complete the USWNT as they prepare to face the globe. With the defenders, we carry on this emphasis.

Who Is Reggie Barlow? A Closer Look at the D.C. Defenders' Head Coach for  the 2024 UFL Season

The biggest ally any team can have in the Olympics is versatility. With only 18 players that are eligible to get on the field, it helps to have players that can be serviceable at multiple positions. The USWNT have that in their defenders, with head coach Emma Hayes having the ability to utilize them in several ways

Tierna Davidson and Naomi Girma are the two players that look to be the starting center backs for the USWNT. Naomi Girma can make a case for being the best player on the roster, as her leadership and demonstrated ability goes well beyond her years. Davidson is a great complement for Girma, and can play outside back if needed throughout the tournament.

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